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This is not the RAVEN newsletter we intended to send out for Peter today. In fact, we've been working hard on a set of three new RAVENs, which we planned to distribute one at a time over the next month in order to finally catch up on all the news that has been accumulating (and there is a lot of it). But something just happened which shouldn't share space with anything else, and which can't wait to be sent out later. So here goes. We'll get the regularly-planned newsletters back on track in a few days, after certain practical matters have been handled.

Official Announcement: Rebecca Soyer Beagle, 1905-2006  
A note to Peter's fans, everywhere.

Sad news. Peter's mother, Rebecca Soyer Beagle, finally passed away on the evening of Saturday, June 24th, after several years of declining health. She was 100 years old. She went in her sleep, which was good, leaving behind her two sons, Peter and Daniel, and many people who loved her.

If you would like to learn more about this remarkable woman, without whose loving support and childhood influence Peter would never have become a writer, go to http://www.conlanpress.com/html/rebecca_beagle.html.

Messages of condolence should be sent to Peter c/o Conlan Press, 2565 3rd Street, suite 306, San Francisco, CA 94107.

The family has asked that anyone wishing to make donations in Rebecca Beagle's memory do so by giving to one of her favorite institutions, the Judah L. Magnes Museum in Berkeley, California. Rebecca was a docent there before she became too frail to continue, and always supported the museum and its mission. Contact information below:

Judah L. Magnes Museum
2911 Russell Street
Berkeley CA 94705
PH (510) 549-6950
FAX (510) 849-3673
http://www.magnes.org/support/index.html — donations and support
Peter and Rebecca