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THE RAVEN is a free email newsletter dedicated to Peter S. Beagle and his work. It comes out whenever there is news worth sharing and we have time to pull an issue together. In an ideal world this would be every couple of months. In this less-than-perfect version? Hah! But we're catching up. This special two-RAVENs-in-two-days issue is part of that catching up, and because we have some amazing news indeed...

Did Peter Win The Hugo?
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Peter won the Hugo!

And there you have it: "Two Hearts" is the 2006 Hugo Award winner for Best Novelette. Next stop, the World Fantasy Award?
We don't have any photos yet, so text will just have to do. We'll run pictures in a few days, after Peter comes back from Anaheim and we can take a bunch of shots of him grinning at his shiny new toy. Every year the Hugo Award looks a little different. We can't wait to see what the 2006 version is like.
What we do have is a cell phone message that came in from Peter at about 1 AM. We have never heard him this giddy, not ever, and we were grinning pretty seriously too. (One of us on this end had done the Peter-Won-The-Hugo Dance when the news came over the blogwire, and a true shame there was no video camera handy to catch it.) Anyway, Peter said this...
"I can't believe it. I still can't believe it. I'd convinced myself it wasn't even faintly possible, that there was no way I could win. But I swear I don't think my feet are touching the floor. I keep saying 'Son of a bitch, I won' to myself. Over and over."
There was more to the call, but we'll save that for Peter's own account of the evening. What really made it great for him was the fact that an 89 year-old Betty Ballantine was there last night as well, to receive a special award from the Worldcon. Betty was the woman who in 1969 first published The Last Unicorn in paperback, and was a major force behind the book becoming famous. To be able to stand side by side with her at the end of the ceremony, both holding their awards, made Peter feel quite over the moon.
One last note: A special nod to Tom Whitmore, one of the co-owners of Berkeley's The Other Change of Hobbit bookstore. Way back in 2004, when Tom read "Two Hearts" in manuscript, his first reaction was "This deserves to win every award in the field in its length category." At the time we expressed considerable doubt, but he was adamant. Way to go, Tom!

More soon!
There's a lot of news yet to share, including everything that is happening on the film front.