The Raven Newsletter for May 3, 2007

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To all and sundry, near and far:

(Anybody know the A. A. Milne poem, "King John's Christmas"? Great stuff — look it up...)

I'd like to interrupt the RAVEN that was about to go out, and will go out soon, laden with all the stacked-up news and product updates, and instead send out a personal message to everyone receiving this newsletter.


As some of you may have heard, my novelet "Two Hearts" has been nominated for a Nebula Award.

Winning the Hugo for it last summer was beyond anything I'd ever allowed myself to imagine; I'm not even considering the possibility of winning a Nebula for it as well. No way — especially not with my old and dear friend Vonda McIntyre nominated in the same division. No flipping way. Nevertheless, I'm going to pack myself off to New York and attend the Nebula Awards banquet on May 12th with every shred of courage, hope, humor and protective fatalism I can muster...which brings me, at last, to the invitation.

On the day AFTER the Banquet — Sunday, May 13th — all of you living within reach of New York City are invited to join me for a bring-your-own-whatever picnic in Central Park. Assuming we aren't rained out, it will start at 11 AM and last a couple of hours. Location? The open lawn immediately between the Great Lawn and Belvedere Lake, AKA the Turtle Pond: see the map below. Theme? Celebration, of course — either of winning that darned Nebula (dream on, Beagle), or of the simple gift of good company.

I hope to see many of you there.


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Central Park Map