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Interviews with Peter S. Beagle seem to be few and far between, in contrast to many of the popular fantasy novelists nowadays. Ah, well. Either Mr. Beagle has more important things to do (like write!) and limited time for granting interviews and travelling to Con after Con, or an entire generation which was raised on the animated "The Last Unicorn" movie has forgotten the man who made it all possible. Either way, it makes it hard on this chronicler. So if you know of any interviews, on-line or off, or any guest appearances either past or future, please let me know so I can include them here.

April, 1999
Paradoxa published the transcript of an interview with Peter Beagle at "Reconvene", the 50th UK National Science Fiction Convention, and have given permission for it to be reprinted on this site.

October 18, 1998
Elisabeth Sherwin's Printed Matter on the Web
Interview for Tamsin, with discussion of the hardships of being a freelance writer working to put food on the table.

June 13, 1998
West Coast Live Radio show
Real Audio interview with PSB! PSB talks about his early days, The Last Unicorn, and he even sings "The Roving Garbageman"!

September 21, 1997
Elisabeth Sherwin's Printed Matter on the Web
Interview for the release of Giant Bones. Covers quite a bit of Beagle's personal life and career, and discussion of The Innkeeper's Song and Giant Bones.

March 7, 1997
Mike Hodel's Hour 25 - a science Fiction radio show based out of LA.
Description: "Author Peter Beagle talks about his book The Unicorn Sonata and about writing books and television, on tape with host Warren James."
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November 2, 1996
The Sci Fi Channel's "The Dominion"
Includes discussion of The Unicorn Sonata, The Innkeeper's Song, his favorite sci-fi authors, adaptations of Come, Lady Death and A Fine and Private Place, advice to fledgling authors, and his relationship with Avram Davidson.

October 3, 1996
Online interview with OMNI Magazine. Includes discussion of The Unicorn Sonata, Beagle's love of music, the commercial aspect of professional writing, In the Presence of Elephants, and his current projects.
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February 25, 1995
Elisabeth Sherwin's Printed Matter on the Web
Interview for the release of In the Presence of Elephants. PSB discusses songwriting, the ups and downs of being a professional writer, and his relationship with Pat Derby.

Spring 1994
Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine
"An Interview with Peter Beagle" by Darrell Schweitzer
[Text not available]

July 1993
Locus Magazine v31:1 No.390, July 1993 Interview with Charles N. Brown
[Text not available]

Tooker, Dan & Roger Hofheins. Fiction! Interviews with Northern California Novelists. Interviews with Peter S. Beagle, Kay Boyle, Don Carpenter, Evan S. Connell, Jr., Alfred Coppel, Ernest J. Gaines, Leonard Gardner, Herbert Gold, James Leigh, Janet Lewis, Wallace Stegner, & Jessamyn West. Illus. from photographs by Tooker. New York: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich.
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