(Unofficially) Peter S. Beagle

Awards and Nominations

Some of the awards and nominations that Peter Beagle and his works have been given:

2000 - Tamsin nominated for Best Novel of 1999 by the 2000 World Fantasy Convention.

August 2000 - Tamsin awarded the 2000 Mythopoetic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature.

October 1998 - Giant Bones nominated for the 1998 World Fantasy Award for best collection at the 1998 World Fantasy Convention in Monterey California

August 1998 - Michael Dashow awarded the Chesley Award for best paperback cover of 1997 for his cover painting on The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche...and other odd acquaintances.

1998 - Giant Bones proclaimed a Locus Award winner (Locus Poll Award) for Best Novella, and nominated for the World Fantasy Award for Best Collection.

1997 - The Unicorn Sonata proclaimed a Locus Award winner (Locus Poll Award) for Best Novella.

1996 - PSB's Immortal Unicorn proclaimed a Locus Award winner (Locus Poll Award) for Best Anthology.

1994 - The Innkeeper's Song proclaimed the #1 Locus Award winner (Locus Poll Award), nominated for best novel by the World Fantasy Convention, and wins the 1994 Mythopoetic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature.

1987 - Folk of the Air proclaimed a Locus Award winner (Locus Poll Award), and wins the 1987 Mythopoetic Fantasy Award.

In 1987, Locus also proclaimed The Last Unicorn as the #5 All-Time Fantasy Novel, ahead of T.H. White's classic "The Once and Future King", but ultimately edged out by a pair of Tolkeins, a Le Guin, and a novel by Gene Wolfe. Beagle himself was rated as the #4 All-Time Fantasy Novelist, with Tolkein again taking top honors, followed by Le Guin and McCaffrey; and also as the # 18 All-Time Novelist (combined Fantasty and Sci Fi), with Tolkein AGAIN sweeping the category.

Note: Locus Award information taken from the SF Site pages, with other information from Award Web.


Several of Beagle's short stories won awards and honors when they were originally published. Telephone Call won Seventeen Magazine's annual fiction contest, for example. I'll put the list of honors up at a later date.


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