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Several years ago, when I was putting together my own personal homepage, I got to the "Books" section, and of course put down Peter S. Beagle as one of my favorite recommended authors. Then I went looking for a website to link to.

Not only could I only find a few scattered websites that even mentioned his name (and most of those devoted to the movie version of The Last Unicorn), I couldn't even find one that had anywhere near complete information. Heck, I wasn't even a big fan, and even I knew the guy had written more than three books. As I dug further, convinced that someone, somewhere, must have a fan site devoted to this very talented man, I found snippets of information. He's written numerous screenplays, is an accomplished musician, several books have prefaces written by him, several collections feature his contributions; how has no one picked up on this? After days of research, both online and through more traditional means, I realized that I was barely seeing the tip of the iceberg. There was information out there that noone had collected in one place before, not even on the ever-growing Internet.

Thus, this site was born. It is far from complete, but new information is added frequently, as readers inform me of works, interviews, etc. which I had not known about, or fill in sections where I had only scarce information, and as I have the time to read and re-read the mountain of works that I keep collecting. And of course, as Beagle himself puts out new works! Much credit must go to Kenneth J. Zahorski's "The Starmont Reader's Guide #44", which helped me out with works through 1986.

This site is intended to be, simply, a place where current fans and new readers can get more information about this extraordinary writer; but above all, it is my tribute to a man whose writing has given me many, many hours of enjoyment and escapism. Thank you, Mr. Beagle.

I would like to extend a special thanks to my husband, Jamie, without whose help and encouragement this site would not have been possible.


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